Amazon Gives MyFirmsApp Nod to Use Lex AI Service

MyFirmsApp, an app solution for accountants and bookkeepers, has been given the go-ahead by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build AI into its web, mobile and connected device apps using Amazon’s Lex AI service. Lex, introduced last month, builds conversational interfaces using voice and text that is built on the same technology that powers Amazon Alexa. The MyFirmsApp development team will trial the speech recognition and natural language understanding capabilities of Lex in a bid to ‘deliver a better [...]

Matterport Brings its VR App to iOS

Immersive media tech company Matterport has introduced VR support for iPhone devices, after already being available to Android users. The Matterport VR app provides users with the option to publish any Matterport 3D space in VR. The app comes pre-loaded with over 150 VR experiences. These experiences can be accessed via its iOS, Gear VR and Cardboard apps. Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport said: “Companies that move quickly to integrate immersive media are going to deliver a better consumer experience [...]

Responsive Website or Mobile App : Do You Need Both?

Responsive Website or Mobile App : Do You Need Both?

Choosing between a responsive website or a native app is more a business call than going into the technical capabilities of what each platform has to offer. The reason is that the same set of customers that access your business through a desktop could potentially connect with your brand on the go through their smartphones. For companies, apps are another medium to reach out to customers, just like a website or an advertisement. There is no debate about one vs. [...]

Move and win roundup: JWT, WE, Omnicom, McCann, O&M, more

PEOPLE MOVES J. Walter Thompson Asia Pacific appointed Sylvia Leong as Asia Pacific Director of Human Resources. She joins from Kennametal Inc, where she led a regional HR team. Omnicom Media Group Australia appointed Kristiaan Kroon as chief investment officer, following the promotion of Tony Harradine to chief investment officer OMG Asia Pacific. Kroon joins from Fairfax Media, where he was the national agency sales and commercial partnerships director. Media intelligence firm Isentia named Matthew Stanton as the new global chief executive officer [...]

DigiLens Closes $22m Series B Funding from Sony, Foxconn and Others

DigiLens, a maker of holographic optical waveguide technology and materials for AR and VR, has closed a $22m (£18m) Series B investment round. “It’s taken us several years to perfect our diffractive optical materials and exposure process for AR-HUD (head-up display) manufacture,” said Jonathan Waldern, DigiLens founder and CEO. “Having successfully developed our DigiLens AeroHUD, in flight now for Rockwell Collins, this new investment will accelerate our wide field of view AutoHUD for Continental, MotoHUD we demoed with BMW [...]

Martech Continues Rise in Popularity, While Adtech Sees Decline

Martech is on the rise, while adtech falls, as Private Equity (PE) firms continue to grow in the sectors. According to M&A and fundraising advisor Results International,  there were 412 deals combined between the two sectors in 2016 – up by one from 2015. Deals in martech increased from 256 to 291 year-on-year (YoY), however deals in adtech fell from 155 to 121. PE firms accounted for 12.6 per cent of all deals in the space in 2016 – [...]

content is king

Eight Cheat Codes To Step Up Your Content Marketing Game

Tips. Hacks. Cheat codes. We all want shortcuts to success. Silver bullets that save time, money and energy. But well, those are hard to come by. As soon as someone uncovers a new hack or tactic, it quickly spreads across the internet and loses its effectiveness. And the truth is, if you’re looking for a quick, easy way to improve your brand’s online visibility, content marketing isn’t the answer. I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you: effective content marketing [...]

SEO 2017 - 5 Rock-Solid Strategies to Help You Rank

SEO 2017: 5 Rock-Solid Strategies to Help You Rank

To succeed with SEO in 2017 you need trust. Trust is the core component of Google’s relevancy-oriented search. Without trust, you’re simply not relevant. Yet, building trust is a double-edged sword and somewhat of a catch-22. For newcomers, especially, gaining visibility without trust has become incredibly difficult. However, without visibility, how are people supposed to garner those all-important shares and links to your content? If someone can’t discover your article, how are they supposed to engage with it and like [...]

6 Reasons Why Attracting the Right Online Traffic Is Your Top Priority

6 Reasons Why Attracting the Right Online Traffic Is Your Top Priority

Sometimes in marketing, the word “traffic” has a bit of a bad rap, calling to mind images of rush-hour motorists passing billboard after billboard. With roadside billboards, the equation is fairly simple. The more traffic there is on the road, the more billboard impressions you’ll get. And hopefully, those extra impressions will eventually translate into brand recognition and sales. But digital marketing doesn’t quite work like that. In digital marketing, online traffic isn’t the number of people who see your [...]