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Content Marketing

Online Tips for Offline Traffic

In the last two years, more searches were conducted on devices than on desktop. This trend altered the traditional, linear consumer journey. It’s now broken into touch points where audiences hop around to different steps across devices. Hyperlocal targeting is the way to present products and services to customers in real time. With the increase of localized queries, brick-and-mortars finally see the need for local-based SEO and the use of smart targeting. Here’s what you need to button-up [...]

If You Are Not the Winner, Do This

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Someone has to be the the winner. Someone has to be Facebook. Or Uber. Or Google. In our connected economy, we have a winner-take-all dynamic. It’s easier to consolidate and see a clear winner arise from leveraging a business system. However, what we see and are aware of is based on a success bias. We […] Source link

3 Important Things You Probably Don’t Know about Marketing Executive Search

Marketing leadership has never been more important, so it’s surprising how little thought is put towards what actually goes into finding and hiring senior marketing management. Businesses often don’t consider the nuances and difficulties involved in recruiting the right executives for their marketing teams. Likewise, experienced marketers are frequently confused by how involved the process can be when they start considering new career opportunities. Here are some of the places I see that surprise professionals most frequently. It’s WAY Different from [...]

Juli Reed Becomes Marcus Lemonis’ Business Partner

CNBC Out of the thousands of people that applied to become the Partner, it is now down to the final three finalists. Before the final challenge begins, however, one candidate’s journey will end. Marcus Lemonis comes to the conclusion that Erin is simply not the right fit since he has so much growing up to do. Juli and Peilin’s challenges involve putting a business plan in place for two Chicago businesses and working with the owners to help them [...]

How to Maintain Brand Consistency After Buying a Business

If you’ve just purchased a business, you’re probably eager to get started putting your own unique stamp on it. But before you do, make sure you consider your messaging and the importance of maintaining consistency in the brand you’ve acquired. Whether you’re sticking to an existing business model or developing your own, brand consistency should be a priority. Brand consistency increases the value of any business and those that stand the test of time share one commonality — [...]

The Epic Marketing Fail I Just Experienced (and How to Avoid Making the Same Mistake)

Earlier this month I received what has to be one of the single worst marketing emails I’ve ever seen in my professional career. It was like a train wreck: one long, rolling chain of marketing disasters that had me fixated until I could scroll no more. And as I experienced it, I had a sobering realization: a huge amount of businesses (including, potentially, yours) are probably just a single errant step from generating their own similar fiasco. This story [...]

content storytelling is SEO for the human brain

How to Make Content That People Will Actually Read

When you first start running a blog, it can be a very painful experience putting lots of time and effort into your blog posts and content and knowing that no-one is really reading them. You can slave away over an article but unless you already have a dedicated audience, there’s a good chance that only a couple of people will read it. But if you want to make sure that people start reading as quickly as possible, then it’s not [...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Website

There are two main problems that plague all ecommerce merchants: lack of traffic, and lack of conversions. If you’ve been having trouble with either—or want to improve both…here are five awesome tips for you. First off, let’s make sure everyone knows the difference between traffic and conversion. We know it’s probably a trifling point for most of you, but just in case: Traffic: Generally speaking, the number of hits you get on your page. You can further qualify it as [...]


The 3 R’s of Content Marketing

As a kid, the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) were grilled into my brain. This ensured that I would not pollute the earth with more garbage. That lesson also applies to content marketing. By Using the R’s of content marketing: Reuse, Refresh, and Reimagine, you can reduce marketing polution, and improve lead generation. Reuse your evergreen content Evergreen content answers the core questions and pains of your buyer personas — and it can reach a whole new audience if [...]