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Juli Reed Becomes Marcus Lemonis’ Business Partner

CNBC Out of the thousands of people that applied to become the Partner, it is now down to the final three finalists. Before the final challenge begins, however, one candidate’s journey will end. Marcus Lemonis comes to the conclusion that Erin is simply not the right fit since he has so much growing up to do. Juli and Peilin’s challenges involve putting a business plan in place for two Chicago businesses and working with the owners to help them [...]

Juli Reed and Peilin Pratt Rise to the Top, Buffie Purselle Sent Home

CNBC This week, the candidates are challenged to live a day in the life of Marcus Lemonis. Before the four remaining candidates face a new day of challenges, Buffie asks to meet Lemonis outside of competition mode. She is struggling with the fact that two fellow competitors believed she should be sent home last week. She admits that she is afraid of failure and struggles with her own insecurities. Lemonis assures her that she is there for a reason and [...]

I hope one day we won’t need an International Women’s Day | Analysis

I couldn’t be prouder to celebrate all of the smart, talented, hard-working women across this world on International Women’s Day.  I’m also incredibly blessed to have grown up in a place where women have equal opportunities to work, to vote, to speak their mind. I know the freedoms I have weren’t always a given—and there were many woman before me who fought incredibly hard to give women the opportunities we have today. Opportunities that not everyone in this world is [...]