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Foodpanda Singapore wants you to dress, eat, and sleep like a panda | Marketing

Ad Nut does not know any animals more lazy than the pandas, who lead a blissful life munching bamboo leaves and sleeping all day. So allowing humans to get into the character of a panda to relieve stress from their lives makes some sense. And apparently, the furry subculture has gained pop-culture traction, prompting Foodpanda Singapore to bring out the best of its mascot in its campaign by W Asia. The food-delivery company has spared no details in what it [...]

Marriott bellmen parkour through an obstacle course | Marketing

The 35-minute film above, the third in a branded-content franchise launched by Marriott, takes place in Seoul, South Korea, and draws inspiration from, naturally, K-Pop. The slick production made it seem like a real movie, until Ad Nut noticed the Marriott-branded uniforms visibly worn by actor-stuntmen William Spencer and Caine Sinclair as they went on a parkour, dance, and martial arts spree in and around the hotel to win a bellman competition. The ‘Two Bellmen’ movie series is quite a [...]

Go green, plant your red envelopes this CNY

Ad Nut likes the spunky kid in this Leo Burnett production. It’s great that his entrepreneurial spirit starts young and he is generous to save his wish for his grandmother at the end of the video. Let’s hope he follows through with TLC for the seeds of black-eyed Susan embedded in the red packets. The video promotes the fact that Maxis is giving away a free set of plantable red packets to the first 300 customers who make a [...]

Ferrero Rocher shows that all that glitters is not gold | Advertising

This mashup of Vivienne Tam and Ferrero Rocher chocolate is certainly eye-catching. Ad Nut appreciates the adventurousness of the brands involved, but personally believes covering oneself from head to toe in gold is a fashion faux pas; a bit over the top, even if it is Vivienne Tam. Ad Nut has to dig out a pair of shades as a shield from all that glitter.  Thankfully, the dress only mimics the wrinkled wrappings of the chocolates—imagine all the hazelnuts [...]