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6 Ways to Drive Revenue with Highly Relevant Email Newsletters

The world of ad revenue is changing for publishers. While ads used to be displayed primarily on media sites and on social media, they’re now displayed in email as well. In fact, filled with ads and sponsored content represent a huge opportunity for publishers who want to drive revenue. There are plenty of ways to. You can get paid for your content via subscriptions, sell ad space within your emails, and host sponsored content—all with the aim of [...]

The Epic Marketing Fail I Just Experienced (and How to Avoid Making the Same Mistake)

Earlier this month I received what has to be one of the single worst marketing emails I’ve ever seen in my professional career. It was like a train wreck: one long, rolling chain of marketing disasters that had me fixated until I could scroll no more. And as I experienced it, I had a sobering realization: a huge amount of businesses (including, potentially, yours) are probably just a single errant step from generating their own similar fiasco. This story [...]

Is it Time to Assess Your Email Marketing Strategy?

It’s safe to say that most marketers still rely heavily on email marketing to reach and engage our prospects and customers. According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing delivers a whopping 3,800 percent ROI and $38 for every $1 spent. The question is, are you seeing that kind of return on your investment in email as a marketing channel? If the answer is “yes,” please move on to the next blog post in your feed. I have nothing to [...]

M&C Saatchi Abel Introduces Charity ‘Stamps for Good’

M&C Saatchi Abel has created a new initiative to allow people to include a virtual stamp, in every email they send, that is linked to a specific charity. In collaboration with RocketSeed, Stamps for Good is made up of 10 stamps linked to 10 different charities. To get involved, subscribers must visit the Stamps for Good website, pick a cause, pay for the stamp – that will be embedded in the emails – and all the proceeds then go [...]