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9 reasons social media stalking feels SO right

Turns out, observing other people’s lives is actually a biological instinct. And in the age of social media, where lives are presented on a platter and require only the slip of a thumb, it’s easy to indulge in those instincts. In fact, sometimes, we let our impulses run wild in the most unproductive ways. But why the fascination? Whether we social media stalk out of adoration, fascination, hatred, or something else, it just so happens that the reasons are almost [...]

Instagram Expands Posts to Include 10 Photos or Videos

Instagram Expands Posts to Include 10 Photos or Videos

Photo sharing platform Instagram has announced that it is increasing the number of images or videos that can be included in a single post to 10, enabling both consumers and advertisers to share more content in a single posting. With the app’s latest update, 10 photos and videos can be gathered together in post, with users then able to swipe through the content to view it. A blue dot at the bottom of such posts will signal to users [...]

Instagram Introduces Full Screen Ads to Stories

Instagram is introducing full screen ads to Stories, along with Stories insights, in bid to build on the success of businesses using the feature. The ads will be tested with over 30 of Instagram’s clients, including Capital One, Nike and Netflix, and will enable the businesses to use targeting, reach and measurement capabilities that make their ads ‘personally relevant’ to the people they want to reach. “The Instagram community has embraced Instagram Stories with incredible creativity, and there are now [...]