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Google: Multiple Sites on Same IP is Not a Problem, But Similar Content Is by @MattGSouthern

Google’s John Mueller recently clarified that having multiple sites on the same IP address is not inherently a problem. However, it may become a problem if those sites have very similar content. This topic came up during a webmaster central office hours hangout. An individual was concerned about a decline in traffic amongst multiple sites on the same IP address. In addition to being on the same IP address, the webmaster described these sites as having very similar content and site structure. Mueller [...]

Online Tips for Offline Traffic

In the last two years, more searches were conducted on devices than on desktop. This trend altered the traditional, linear consumer journey. It’s now broken into touch points where audiences hop around to different steps across devices. Hyperlocal targeting is the way to present products and services to customers in real time. With the increase of localized queries, brick-and-mortars finally see the need for local-based SEO and the use of smart targeting. Here’s what you need to button-up [...]