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How to Turn Unlinked Brand Mentions Into Links by @annaleacrowe

Monitoring the web for mentions of your brand is essential. Paying attention to brand mentions, and capitalizing on them, can be a highly effective strategy for building links and your reputation. If you haven’t yet implemented this link building tactic as part of your strategy, you absolutely should. Why? Because it can lead to: A link. (Duh!) Chances to engage with communities interested in your brand. A better understanding of how people perceive your brand. Yes, the web is full of noise – it can be [...]

How to Do Guest Blogging for Natural Looking Link Building by @annaleacrowe

Guest blogging is still huge. And I have every reason to believe that it’s going to make even more of my mystical creature dreams come true. Larry Kim is what happens when you blend a 🦄 with high-quality content and an authoritative publication. Kim, the founder of WordStream, is a winning example of how to swirl content into a distribution funnel. Just look at his post on Inc. 40 Amazing Places To Learn Something New Every Day, which received 40 backlinks. Guest blogging [...]

Link campaigns: Strategy development and review

Link campaigns need strategy. Link building is a difficult, time-consuming process that doesn’t produce results overnight. However, strategic link acquisition is necessary to achieve long-term improvements in organic search. It’s possible to grab “quick win” links here and there (and I’d encourage pursuing these opportunities), but you will need an ongoing campaign to achieve sustainable results. A campaign model ensures research, strategy development and ongoing review and analysis as a project progresses. Whether you’re planning to pursue links in 2017 or continue [...]