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Frozen Not Being Planned For Live Action Remake By Disney Despite Beauty And The Beast Success

Frozen fans rest easy as you should not expect a live action remake of the animated film. Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is proving another success for the company in adapting one of their animated classics into a live action feature. Currently, there is no slowing down by Disney to remake its animated classics into live-action features. But surprisingly one thing that those at the studio are not keen to do is to adapt some of their more modern [...]

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Get More User Engagement with Captivating Videos

Whether you are just starting to make marketing videos or have been doing it for a while, you may wonder which forms of video promotion are most likely to get you the results you want. You know your business better than anyone else does; so part of deciding what format to use will be thinking about your customers and deciding what type of video will do the best job of promoting your product or service. However, it’s also important [...]