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Google Does Not Use Quality Raters for Machine Learning Algos

Whenever there is a new quality raters guidelines released by Google, there is always lots of speculation about what Google does with the data from those ratings.  And does that include machine learning? Google confirmed that they use quality raters to evaluate potential changes to the search algos. They push out a change and then use quality raters to evaluate the quality of the search results and the pages that the raters see. If Google sees the result of those [...]

Google’s Latest Core Algo Update Still Rolling Out

For those watching the search results to see how well (or not) sites have done with Google’s latest core algo update, you will need to watch for quite a lot longer.  Google has confirmed that the algo update is still rolling out. Danny Sullivan from Google has confirmed that the latest update is still rolling out.  This isn’t unusual, Google’s algo updates usually take anywhere from a few days or even a week or two to fully roll out in [...]

Google Testing Reading Time Filter in Search Results

Google is testing a new feature in the search results that allows searcher to filter the search results by the approximate time it takes to read the article. The tool is accessed through the Tools filter.   The new filter is a drop down that says “Any duration.”  Then the searcher can choose between 3 time durations: Short (0-4 min.) Medium (4-20 min.) Long (20+ min.) Aysun Akatrsu spotted the test.  It was showing up primarily for informational queries. While this shares the same UI as [...]

Bing Ads Adds Security Badge Annotations to Search Results

Bing Ads is now live with a new Security Badge Annotations that shows a site is secured when it shows up in the search results. Here is what it looks like. It adds a “Site secured by Norton” to the listing following the URL.  It is worth noting that the displayed URL does not show https in the URL. Here is another example within the search results. This isn’t an automatic annotation for all sites that are secure, as other sites in the [...]

Google Testing Large Product Knowledge Panel With Paid & Organic Features

Google is testing a new large product based knowledge panel in their search results.  This new style is a cross between a product knowledge panel and a Product Listing Ad, something they first began testing several years ago, with a combination of both paid and organic search features included. Dr. Pete Meyers from Moz spotted the test.  Here is the full screenshot, which is very lengthy and appears on the right side of the search results.  Click for full screen. The [...]

Google Adds Location & Location Icon to Search Results

Google is testing a new icon in the search results to show the specific location of a search result, in addition to showing a location icon, similar to the map icon used on Google Maps.  It seems to be used primarily for news results in the regular organic search results. Here is what it looks like: In each of these news results, the yellow location icon appears, along with the specific city the news result is from.  Google is just including [...]

Bing Local Pack Testing New Card Style in Search Results

Bing is testing a distinct new style of their local pack in the search results.  Instead of the usual list of results together, this new layout has individual card-style results for each business within the local pack. However, some versions of this test drop the results in the local pack to only three results instead of the usual five.  This brings it more in line with the 3-pack Google changed to several years ago. Here is what it looks like: When you [...]

Google Testing Disambiguation Box for Local Packs

Google is testing a disambiguation box which shows up on the mobile search results for a local pack.  Disambiguation features in the search results show up when Google isn’t entirely sure which meaning of a word someone is trying to search for. Here is what it looks like: Google is asking whether someone is searching for a hotel, or specifically for hotels.com website, with two options that can be clicked. Especially noteworthy is the fact that one is a brand website, [...]

Google Reduces Description Length in Desktop & Mobile Search Results

Two years after Google initially increased the length of descriptions in the search results, and six months after increasing it for most results, Google is reverting back to the old shorter length.  For some SEOs, this means a lot of work is required to change over description meta tags from the longer version to the shorter one.  But for those that never changed when Google made the change two years ago, it won’t be as big of a deal. How [...]