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As tbh popularity wanes, Facebook launches ‘Did You Know’ social questionnaire

Facebook wants you to share a bit more about yourself on your profile, so today it’s launching a new feature to web and mobile users called “Did You Know,” where you can answer questions about yourself to clue friends into your secrets, dreams, goals and feelings. As people back away from statuses and focus more on sharing articles, videos and photos, this feature offers an opportunity for users to answer questions about themselves more directly. So many of Facebook’s [...]

Pokémon Go Raked in $950m in Revenues Last Year

Pokémon Go racked up revenues of around $950m (£768m) in 2016, as the true extent of the game’s success over the year has been quantified for the first time. In a new report published by market researchers App Annie, it is made clear that, although the game was highly successful, it did not have this success at the expense of other games’ revenue or usage. App Annie says, in the report: “By attracting millions of non-gamers, it reached a level [...]