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How Facebook stole the news business

Big news outlets stupidly sold their soul to Facebook. Desperate for the referral traffic Facebook dangled, they spent the past few years jumping through its hoops only to be cut out of the equation. Instead of developing an owned audience of homepage visitors and newsletter subscribers, they let Facebook brainwash readers into thinking it was their source of information. Now Facebook is pushing into local news, but publishers should be wary of making the same crooked deal. It [...]

Let’s stay human in 2017 | Analysis

What the US election certainly proved was that even when we have the most sophisticated algorithms analyzing genuinely robust data points – that it comes down to whether you are putting the right question, to the right person. Now more than ever, we need to get out of the echo chamber of ‘what we know’ being constantly played back to us. When we consider this in relation to our modern marketing world, I ask myself – is anyone really [...]