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Twitter axed 142k spammy apps and 130M ‘low-quality’ Tweets in 1 week of Q1

Twitter is making good on its pledge to fight the persistent problems of spam, bots, harassment, and misinformation that have plagued the social platform for years. Today, in its , the company announced that changes that it has made related to TweetDeck and its API — two of the most common spam vectors on Twitter — in in the past quarter have translated into real numbers that point to overall improvements in quality on the service. Specifically, according to [...]

Twitter is Closing Down its Dashboard Business App

Twitter has announced that it will be shutting down its business suite that enables businesses to track and monitor tweets, schedule posts and access analytics regarding their brand. The Dashboard feature, which only launched in June 2016, will close on 3 February. Twitter broke the news through a vague series of tweets from its Dashboard account. However, Twitter did make it clear that it hoped to, in the future, ‘bring the best features from Dashboard to the broader Twitter [...]

Facebook and Twitter desperately need to change in 2017

This is why Facebook and Twitter desperately need to change in 2017

As we are nearing the end of 2016, social networks are bigger than ever. Billions of people in the world are connected through only a small amount of platforms — the biggest being Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the last of which announced it passed 600 million monthly active users last week. Statistically, most of them are doing fine — but in a lot of other ways, it is been a horrible year for social networks. Facebook is under scrutiny for [...]