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M&A and the Challenges of a “New” Brand Strategy

/ Pixabay Every week we see the constant activity of growth and consolidation in the market generated by a continual stream of M&A announcements – some big, some small, but seemingly never-ending. In this context, we are often asked for our thoughts and to help answer key questions about the brand story and strategy once the deal is done and the companies are merged or acquired. Just think about how many questions there are surrounding what this means [...]

Making SEO & User Experience Work Together by @stoneyd

When I started doing SEO back in the day, rankings were the only thing that mattered. I’m ashamed to admit it, but in my very earliest days, my optimization practices constituted getting the keyword on the page as many times as possible without ruining the visitor’s on-page experience. It’s heartening to know that I, and the industry at large, have come a long, long way since then. In fact, one of the most significant evolutions that has happened over the years (and [...]

Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines Updated: Beneficial Purpose, Creator Reputation & More

[girls]It has been a year since we last saw Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines updated, but they released a brand new version over the weekend.  Here is what has changed, with commentary about why it is important for site owners and tips they can take away from it to incorporate into their own sites. Once again, Google’s quality raters cannot impact your site directly in how it ranks in the search results.  But Google does use these ratings to ensure [...]

4 Steps to Create a Lasting Brand Identity

4 Steps to Create a Lasting Brand Identity

We’re all familiar with slogans like “Just Do It,” “Live Más” (Spanish for “more”) and “Because You’re Worth It.” These slogans have become synonymous with the brands they represent, so it’s natural that small business owners would associate the notion of branding only with big corporations. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Branding should be a priority for small business owners, as well, despite its being one of the most difficult things to tackle. According to the U.S. Bureau of [...]

Critical Tactics for Digital Marketing Success

Integrating 4 Critical Tactics for Digital Marketing Success

Digital marketing success is more than just choosing a few digital tactics, it requires integrating those tactics into a cohesive strategy. Then, doing it over again every day. Tactics for digital marketing success Looking at the infographic that started this post, you’ll see listed 13 tactics leading to digital marketing success. And, certainly, these tactics will help build that success. For ease of use, let’s categorize the tactics by grouping similar tactics together. We’ll start by looking at the skill sets [...]

Beware Of “Experts” Sharing Data

Beware Of “Experts” Sharing Data…..

I guess part of being perceived as being an expert is sharing data and research—all of which supports the conclusions you want people to reach. Don’t get me wrong, we share data on the results we’ve produced, we share data on research we have conducted. But we are careful to position the context of that data and how it might be interpreted. But too often, we consciously or unconsciously, we “lie with statistics.” I read an interesting article in Forbes. Largely, I [...]